Wat Thai of Minnesota
2544 Highway 100 South, St. Louis Park, MN 55416 Tel. (612)605-7979, Email address: wym2560@gmail.com


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Four Monks in Rain-Retreat at Wat Thai of Minnesota 2017.

Welcome to Wat Thai of Minnesota

Our Mission

1. To continue the teachings of the Buddha as a World Heritage Site.

2. To serve as a center of spiritual growth for Thai Buddhists in Minnesota as well as followers of all backgrounds interested in Buddhism.

3. To be a center of cultural heritage for Thais in Minnesota, including newer generations of Thai descendants.

Our History

In late 2003, a collective of Minnesota Buddhists gathered with the intention of of creating a space for worship and community. A generous donation made by Ms. Supen Harrison helped make this desire a reality. Over the next two years, donations made by members of the new temple amounted to $49,880. Further funds were donated by Doctor Lueng Pho Singtun Narasupol. A house was purchased in Becker, MN and the temple was named Wat Pha Nanachat.

In 2005 Lueng Pho Singtun traveled to Thailand to help with an irrigation project sponsored by the King of Thailand. Phra Mahaphaisit Tamasol arrived at the temple to serve as a substitute in his place. Phra Ajarn Mahaphaisit and the temple board elected to move to a more convenient and appropriate location. The name of the temple was changed to Wat Thai of Minnesota, and in 2006 Khun Sutape Ple-Plakon and the board members purchased land and a house in Elk River, MN. 

Today the temple monks, the Buddhist laity, and board members work together to maintain Wat Thai of Minnesota as a center of Buddhist study, meditation, and community activities for all.